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For many people, cellulite is a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be! Dr. Gregg Guilfoyle is proud to offer a revolutionary new procedure called VASER Shape that makes it easier than ever to get rid of excess body fat and cellulite in even your worst problem areas.
VASER Shape is done in two phases, ultrasound therapy followed by zonal lymphatic massage to smooth and firm your body and reduce cellulite. The ultrasound therapy is delivered using a special headpiece. You may feel a gentle warming of your skin along with a feeling similar to a deep tissue massage.
The lymphatic massage is a vacuum assisted massage that opens the lymph nodes, helps the body drain off excess toxins and fat and increases the blood circulation to the treatment site.
Treatment times vary on your body type and the outcome you’re hoping to achieve. A typical treatment schedule includes:
  • One combination of ultrasound and massage per week (20-30 minutes per target area)
  • One zonal massage session per week
  • A total treatment time of three to five weeks
VASER Shape is not a surgical procedure so there is no need for incisions or pain, which also means there is no down time. Most patients report that they see immediately!
VASER Shape is ideal if you have ½ inch to 4 inches of excess fat or cellulite or want skin tightening around loose ‘rolls’. While VASER Shape is new technology, it is a modification of an older and more invasive liposuction technology. Dr. Guilfoyle has been using the VASER system throughout his training and in his practice.  
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